Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LunarHash Updates

OK OK OK, we have been slack... We need to be updating this site more regularly! Son, I promise, soon. It is on my list of new Years' resolutions...

Tonight LoonRhasH Christmas is celebrated at the Duke of Wellington hotel in Launceston (that is/was 7pm Tuesday December 21st) with a Pubmeal.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Seventeenth at the Forth

A nice little pack of Loons graced the Forth Pub for LoonRhasH's 17th Moonwalk on Saturday. The pink ribbon theme crept into the raffle and many memorable prizes were given out, given back, eaten or drunk.
Incidental entertainment was supplied by a birthday booze-busload of girls who had never before seen a man in an apron with a sheep on it. The loaded bus, ready for departure, was the beneficiary of this month's mooning. Then it was off for a short stroll to sample the unrivalled hospitality of Killer and LB at the Grange.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Loons on Saturday Night

This moon's Walk will be set by Black Tracka from the Forth Hotel, Saturday October 23rd.
Meet at 6.45 for a 7pm stroll. Bring money for your pub meal and drinks, and coin for the wrigged wraffle.
Cum along and admire the hole in the Forth River Bridge. Bring along your own hole to moon the moon.
On! On! Aaarooooooo!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

LoonRhasH at Latrobe 2010

Click the above photo for Dini's photos. All are available framed and in 3D starting at $25.500,00

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Latrobe's Lucas Pub Dash

Hopefully this was the last cold and wet lunar hash for the year, may the moon shine bright on a steamy warm earth (and bums) next time!

We all assembled at the designated spot and feared for Flasher's epic run in the rain. As we set off down the street the Launy bus arrived, nice and clean having driven through extreme downpours. White faces piled out and joined us... for a 100 meter walk to the Lucas Hotel where we stuffed ourselves prior to stumbling back with loot and a seasoned Dini.

The monumental release of the official Lunar Hash Song, composed by Dint, was sung to the tune of God Save the Queen:
Long Live our Lunar Hash
To the Pub we will dash
And back

After a drink or two
We all know what to do

More drinks
and food and thehn
Moon at the Moon
And so it came that we mooned the moon and downed some downs.

Next NW Lunar Hash run is set by Launceston's LH4 at the Lune-gana Tavern on Thursday September 23rd. at 7pm.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moon in Port

Picture this.... Shearwater Country Club in NW Tasmania on a clear full moon evening ... crystal clear Moon; just what the Doctor ordered... Hashers expected any minute....the Hare is calmly drinking a guinness and smoking a cigarette when  panic sets in...Oh bother!!... many Hashers have headed to Brunei for the good of their livers... who will turn up to "Moon the Moon??".. No problem! we'll import some!!...  at great expense we imported two Fabulous members into the Back Door of the Country Club! Hobart ..we found one from there...the hare breathed a sigh of relief...we had a quorum!  so with the dedicated few who didn't need to de-tox their livers in Brunei we had more than the Full Moon crew in Hobart... Grand Loon Black Tracka took control and led the gallant band into darkest Shearwater... Bastard trying in vain to usurp his authority but we weren't fooled ... we know about him!! A stroll round the lanes with a dash across the deserted golf course and back to the Country Club for food. Two pseudo Hashers Cindy and Emily left us here ... it was past Emilys bedtime! (she is only 4) The rest of us ate and drank. Tracka ran the best raffle ever! It was a quiz!! (Memories of the McBollocks triumph with the quiz at the Highland Fling!!).. only one prize won fairly and sqarely by A Bit of This and taken away to be drunk at Burnie Hash on the morrow!! When we went out to "Moon the Moon" a strange thing had happened! there was a big blob covering the lower half of the Moon.... suggestions were rife but the balance of opinion was it was Grizzlys rear waiting for a drink in Brunei!!

On-on to our Grand Birthday Stroll on 26th Julyat our birthplace Otto's Grotto Ulverstone.  
On-on A Bit of This.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moon in June

The LunaRhash R*n on 26th June will be from The Shearwater Country Club. It will be a 6.30pm start. Please let me know numbers if possible. E-mail abitofthis@dhash.com or 0428592420.

A Bit of This.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May's Moon at the OzRock Inn

On the eve of the NW Full Moon we assembled at Crow's establishment. Scaring off the people gathering for an actual function we postponed our departure as long as possible so we could peek at the well dressed dames wondering in.

The imaginary trail took us straight to the pub, but before we got there we got slighly distracted...

The chalk soon wore out and we entered the pub where we kept the barmaid running.

The by now hungry NW Lunar Hash pack quickly marched back to the OzRock Inn 'Annexe' Room. As the revellers next door had their respectable dinner celebrations we got stuck into some nice appetisers:

The grub and grog, service and all left nothing to be desired. Crow and 1080 were the perfect hosts, and how they managed to keep up with two functions was beyond most of us...

Next Full Moon in the NW is on June 26th (Saturday), set by A Bit of This at Shearwater. Look for Gran's Helper Van!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Moon Wa*king

The July Birthday Full Moon's appearance has been re-scheduled to appear on July 26th, even though the Fool Loon attempted to have it rise a week earlier....he always was an early riser...

So the receding Moonscape, complete with cheese and craters, looks something like this....

May 28th Friday- Crow at the Oz Rock Inn, Ulverstone
June 26th Saturday- A Bit of This at Shearwater
July 26th Monday- Black Tracka at Otto's Grotto, Ulverstone

Ringo is eagerly awaiting the moon...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

NW Lunar Hash is turning 1 YEAR OLD on 17 July! Celebrating the 13th moon back at our birthing cave; Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone. Watch this space for more details....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Moons Rise at Batman Bridge

LoonRHash Moonwalk 10. A joint r*n with LH3. @ the Batman Bridge somewhere near Launceston!.

A few hardy Hashers were on time but many arrived well after the appointed start time! Some had chased the speed of light in their efforts to get from Hawley Beach to the Bridge in under three parts of an hour! Tiles who lives much nearer was even later! Eventually our 'hare' BallPoint sent us on our way with few instructions apart from the fact that trail was set on flour. We headed into the bushes under the bridge then back up a grassy bank onto the Bridge itself; those who suffer from vertigo raced with their eyes shut over to the firm ground on the far side... the rest ooohed and aaahed at the scenery either side of us. Another good loop of scrub and tracks brought us in the gathering gloom to a steep bushy hillside which led us back to re-cross the Bridge and 'on home'. Although it was a balmy evening Mr E soon had a good fire going for us. Tiles punished any hasher who dared breathe in the 'circle'; we ate, we drank, we chatted, we mooned the Moon, we all went home!! Excellent territory, superb evening, wonderful setting with the Full Moon lighting the Bridge behind us. Thank you BallPoint and the LH3 Hashers who made us 'visitors' so welcome. The next LoonRhash will be on 28th April set by that "Great Loon"himself - Black Trakka from the Sheffield Pub.

A Bit of This.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Batman MooN

March 30th marks another Full Moon in the North West of Tasmania, no matter where the moon might be full elsewhere.

LH3 will host the 10th LoonRHash at the Batman Bridge across the Tamar River. Meet at campsite carpark (eastern end of bridge) at 6.30pm for 6.45pm start and bring the following:
  • BBQ tucker
  • Chair
  • Hash song
  • $30 for First Edition LunaR HasH AppareL
  • Hash Cash $15 for piss-heads, $10 for designated drivers, $5 non-drinkers
LH3 will provide:
  • Alcoholic beverage - beer (light & heavy), wine (white & red)
  • sauce
  • BBQ plate
  • ice
  • raffle prize(s) (this is not to be confused with LRhash wrigged wraffle)
Following hash circle shenanigans, the Loons will proceed to the middle of the bridge, turn their back to the moon, drop their shorts, strides, boxers or knickers and in unison bend over to MooN the MooN.

Hare of the BallPoint

Monday, March 8, 2010

House of Thrust

The House of Thrust was a good bet for a successful Hash night. GoneAgain set an ACE run, even though he says so himself, and Thruster cooked a fabulous meal. We all mooned the moon after dinner, right from Turners Beach Road. Mooning the moon from both directions to make doubly sure it was mooned gave Thrust enough time to collect any randomly placed stubbies, causing concern for many Hashers who feared their favourite stubby cooler had become lost property...

Next NorthWest Lunar Hash is scheduled for 30 March and will be hosted by Launy Hash, we will keep you posted!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LoonRhasH billed for March 1st

Yes LoonRhasH needs to be billed as March 1st as the actual full moon interferes with the Charitable Red Dress Weekend in Hobart. LoonRHasH is not keen to compete with charity as we are far from charitable until we can afford our own T-shirts at least. Much as it goes against the grain to agree with common senses (and bastards like Bastard), we do need to make sure that we moon the moon and so we, and may I humbly add successfully, lobbied the Lord in Charge of our Heavens to postpone the full moon just this once.
Artist's Impression of Thrust's House at 930pm March 1, 2010.

All you Hashers out there let it now officially be known that the new gazetted time for the Full Moon above the NW Coast of Tasmania is on Monday March 1 exactly as the webwanker of this site had originally predicted and will be held at House Thrust in Turners Beach (66 TB Road).

Friday, January 15, 2010

High Noon for Full Moons VII

Saturday January 30 – High Noon for Full Moons @ Campbelltown (wear the fox hat!):