Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blue Moon in Burnie

31/12/2009 Humpy New Year and Blue Loon @ House of Speed-Hump - 120 Mount Street (Corner of Burton and Mount) in Burnie at 7pm.

Wear something Blue to match the Blue Moon and bring food and booze to share and $$$ for a spot of "out on the town".

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BallPoints Full Moon

BallPoint made sure we all got our edumucation by setting trail past statues and gardens in Deloraine before descending us upon the Old British Hotel for tea. Santas were in abundance, and presents were had for all. Smeg squirted beer, Flasher's rigged raffle included everything from ice-cube trays to the TV in the pub's dining room, stopping just short of raffling off the till. We flashed the moon, but not before Smeg and Flasher tried to catch an off-guard duck. The ducks flew over the cuckoos nest narrowly escaping the loonies, as the moon hid behind the clouds escaping from our bright white arses.

31/12/2009 Marks a Humpy New Year and the Blue Loon is set by Burnie from SpeedHump's place, details TBA but it includes the Burnie Foreshore fireworks, which will light up our white flash.


PS Dini's photos of the run can be seen <here>. Enjoy.