Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moon in June

The LunaRhash R*n on 26th June will be from The Shearwater Country Club. It will be a 6.30pm start. Please let me know numbers if possible. E-mail or 0428592420.

A Bit of This.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May's Moon at the OzRock Inn

On the eve of the NW Full Moon we assembled at Crow's establishment. Scaring off the people gathering for an actual function we postponed our departure as long as possible so we could peek at the well dressed dames wondering in.

The imaginary trail took us straight to the pub, but before we got there we got slighly distracted...

The chalk soon wore out and we entered the pub where we kept the barmaid running.

The by now hungry NW Lunar Hash pack quickly marched back to the OzRock Inn 'Annexe' Room. As the revellers next door had their respectable dinner celebrations we got stuck into some nice appetisers:

The grub and grog, service and all left nothing to be desired. Crow and 1080 were the perfect hosts, and how they managed to keep up with two functions was beyond most of us...

Next Full Moon in the NW is on June 26th (Saturday), set by A Bit of This at Shearwater. Look for Gran's Helper Van!

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