Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arogant Cab in Hobart

There must be a mixup with photos, or perhaps the originals were censored. In any case you have a photo of a dark lit event to accompany this LunarHash posting.

Tracka set a fabulous stumble at Fern Glade in Burnie to celebrate the full moon. We were fortunate enough to eventually score some food from a Burnie establishment that was initially reluctant to feed us - a recurring theme in Burnie. This time we were lucky to actually be told before ordering and we patiently waited without a single complaint. We left with ample food in our bellies, even Bastard whose mains were of course the very last to be served!

Next full moon is a combined Devonport run, with Yep at the helm from his abode: 1 Mission Hill, Penguin. See you around 630pm on 18 April 2011.
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