Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LoonRhasH the Third

In line with this week’s host club LoonRhasH—which is already steeped in tradition after only three moon-wa*ks—the bow-tie wearing pack assembled under the light (Ch–ch-ch Cha) of the silvery moon by the Penguin skate park in readiness for the gruelling LoonR trail (i.e. short stroll to the pub). A shady-looking character with a duck-arsed dog handed out cups of contraband moonshine (cardboard port) from the doorway of her motorhome, all the while playing bag-pipe music. Why would anyone think we were weird?

Dinner and a show ensued at the salubrious Neptune Hotel. The show was Flasher doing the raffle—perhaps we should start charging the general public to watch. Every child won a prize, and some wished they hadn’t. The Booby prize was hotly contested - next month’s S & M Wooden Spoon should be even more popular.

Circle followed, with Harelip Bastard allocating the many spurious downs to the thirsty pack. Fool Loon Black Tracka accepted a mask of the Biggest Loon in History (Prince Charles) from Panta-Loons Knickers and Ballpoint. Essential modifications are in process to allow consumption of beverages through the mask .After mooning the moon it was off to the house of the Bastard for warming nightcaps. On On Dini

Some pictures here

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