Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Off with a Flash

The first, well attended, lunar hash went off with a flash to the full moon. We feasted at RA cafe, announced the new mismanagement team and went for a Rock around the Clock before returning to Otto's Grotto where the first circle was held by the Fool Loon Mr. Tracka the Hare-Lip. The wigged waffle was held and was well rigged by Flasher.

BallPoint was seen scheming with Speedy and Dini to create a suitable mismangement team, Thrust was on the phone to important people, GoneAgain marked the end of his swine flu by blowing out birthday candles on the cake. Dini found the bestest book for her Lunar Tick duties to tick of runners each full moon.

Dini's photos are <here>.

1 comment:

  1. Lunar hash - run 2 , Thursday 6th August - departs war memorial car park , Victoria Parade , Devonport . 7.00pm - wear your howling or growling gear - great prize to be won . ??